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Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome back to Top Ten Tuesday! Welcome back to Top Ten Tuesday! This is a weekly meme that started on The Brook and the Bookish. The meme is now run by Jana at thatartsyreadergirl. This week's post is a discussion of Audio for an Audio Freebie. I will discuss three, technically four, Audio books, four cast recordings, being a fan of theater, I knew I would need to put cast recordings on the list. The final discussion will be podcasts I love.


1 After Anatevka or After Anatevka Live by Alexandra Silber

After Anatevka Live

Released October 4, 2018


A special live performance to satisfy Fiddler on the Roof fans who have long wondered what became of Tevye’s beloved family. Experience an enthralling performance featuring a cast of rising Broadway stars who join actress and author Alexandra Silber in celebrating the Audible release of After Anatevka, the sweeping historical novel she wrote about Tevye’s second-eldest daughter, Hodel. Silber’s fascination with Hodel began when she played her in a production of Fiddler in London’s West End. Actors often write a backstory for the characters they play so they can fully imagine and embody them onstage. But Silber was more interested in Hodel’s fate than her history. “I had never played a character who felt so much like me,” she says. “I felt responsible for what happened to her after she boards the train to Siberia to join her revolutionary fiancé Perchik.”

Originally commissioned by Symphony Space, a form of this concert was produced in March 2017. After Anatevka Live brings to life dramatic excerpts from Silber’s novel with five original songs by contemporary composer and lyricist teams, plus two much-loved songs from Fiddler and one gem that was cut from the final song book. Directed by Carolyn Cantor with musical direction by Ben Moss and an introduction from Pulitzer and Tony Award-winning Fiddler lyricist Sheldon Harnick, this is a charming and magical event for any lover of musical theater.

I will try to listen to this book at some point. I love it is not just the book, but it a celebration of her book.

After Anatevka


October 5, 2018

I know that I will never shut up about my love for After Anatevka, and I have discussed this novel a lot of this blog, particularly during Top Ten Tuesday, but here we go. This is a historical fiction that is a sequel that picks up where Fiddler on the Roof left off for Hodel and Perchik. The two lovers don't see each other until about half way thorough the book, but I love the alternating perspectives of this book. I can't recommend this book enough, if any of you do read it, I would love to discuss this novel with you.

2- Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston


June 19,2018

Another book you are all sick of hearing about, because I will not stop talking about one of my favorite reads of 2018. This is an Anastasia retelling set in space. I would not call it a retelling, but I could see the inspiration of Anastasia in the main character of Ana. The novel is so much fun, and there are many twists and turns in this book to delight you as a reader.

3- Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


Fangirl is one of my favorite YA novels because of the main character, and the story. I read this as an adult, but I could see how a teenager like Cath, or an adult would like to read this. The novel is so much fun and so light and fluffy.

Cast Recordings

1- Les Miserables

I am one of the most basic theatre fans out there, but Les Miserables is my favorite musical. I have loved this musical for years, we are talking since age ten most likely. I love it because it is a real journey and I love the characters in the show. Song recs- On My Own, One Day More, A Little Fall of Rain, and In My Life. My favorite character is Eponine. I recommend the Original Broadway Cast, as this is the one I grew up with, however, I also enjoy the 2015 London Cast, and the two concerts available,

2- Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812

This is a musical that had a short life, I saw it, but I am gutted that this show closed. They base the musical on a 70 page slice in the middle of War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. The show is all sung, except for the monologue given by Pierre, also heard on the Cast Recording. I love this musical so much, and I am so glad I got to see it before it closed. My favorite character is Sonya, although, I have a soft spot for Mary and Natasha. Song recs- Sonya Alone, Charming, No One Else, and The Opera. Every song is a blast, but if you do listen to the show, I recommend starting from the beginning and  just going till the end even though it's long. There are two recordings out, and I prefer the Broadway one. However, if you are a fan of Hamilton, Phillipa Soo played the role of Natasha on the Off Broadway. 

3- The Prom

The Prom is a new musical that opened in 2018, although not in time for the Tony Awards, so the show is eligible for nominations this award season. The musical is about Emma, a lesbian who would like to take her girlfriend Alyssa to the prom. With the help of Broadway actors, Emma and Alyssa get their wish and go to the dance together. The Prom seems like it is so much fun, and seems hilarious, despite the serious subject manner. My favorite character is Alyssa. Song Recs- Alyssa Greene, Unruly Heart, Love Thy Neighbor, and Build A Prom. A Cast recording is out.

4- Anastasia
This is a musical with the Romanov family, characters from the movie, and new characters for you to fall in love with. As a fan of the movie, I had been waiting for years for a full stage production of Anastasia. I was even more elated when I saw it live last September, it was well worth the wait for me. This is one of my favorite musicals because it is so magical. My favorite character is Anastasia/Anya. Song recs- Crossing A Bridge, Journey to the Past, Once Upon A December, In My Dreams, My Petersburg, In A Crowd of Thousands, and Stay I Pray You. A cast recording is available.


1- Broadwaysted

This is a fun theater related podcast hosted by Bryan, Kimberly, and Kevin. They have a new member of the Broadway community on every week. The podcast includes games, drinking, and theater related questions. I have been an avid fan of this podcast for years. I recommend any of these episodes.

2- Musicals With Cheese

Jess likes Musicals he is trying to get Andrew to like them more. Hilarity ensues with the weekly discussion and analysis of a musical. They have done popular, and some lesser known ones. I recommended you jump in with your favorite musical they have covered so far

3- Book Riot

Seeing as this is supposed to be about books mostly, I wanted to give this last slot to Book Riot. Book Riot is a fantastic website for all lovers of the written word. They offer a variety of podcasts, I personally love the one where they cover new books released that week.


  1. Book Riot looks really interesting. I'll have to check it out.

    My Top Ten Tuesday post.

  2. Musicals with cheese sounds great! And I hope Anastasia comes to the UK soon, loved it growing up :)

  3. I love listening to Les Miserables. I'm partial to the original Broadway cast recording, but that might just be because it's the first one I listened to and it's what plays in my head when I think about those songs.

  4. Musicals with cheese! I love that title!

  5. I've never heard or seen Les Miserables. I should though. Anastasia however sounds the most appealing to me. :)

  6. Great list. I love Fangirl. I'm also a huge fan of Les Mis.
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  7. "Heart of Iron" is a book I ordered back when it was released but haven't yet read it. Someday I'd like to though because it sounds so interesting. Thanks so much for the Finding Wonderland visit last week! :)


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