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Top Ten Tuesday- characters that remind me of myself

Welcome back to Top Ten Tuesday! This is a weekly meme where readers discuss ten or whatever number you would like to have based on a prompt. Our host is Jana at thatartsyreadergirl. Our topic this week is Characters Like Myself. I am going to take a two words that each character has in in my opinion, and discuss how that relates to me as well.

1- Cather Avery from Fangirl

Writer- At her core, Cath is a writer, and she loves her stories. I am a writer of both Fan Fiction and original stories like Cath so this was an automatic in for this. Both of us love our work and we tend to through ourselves whole hardheartedly into our work.

Sisters- I might have mentioned this on the blog before but I have a younger sister and we’re only roughly 18 months a part. Cath and her twin sister Wren are polar opposites and this is me and my sister. My younger sister is an extrovert and into science. I on the other hand, am an introverted creative bookworm. 

2- Miriam Kendrick from Comics Will Break Your Heart

Acceptance- I saw the main character Mir in this novel as someone who needed to fully accept all aspects of herself and her character. Miriam reads as a little unsure and lost at the beginning of the novel. This is a characteristic that I related to and what drew me into Mir besides the other qualities she has that I will use for other characters.

Family Unit- another comment about my family I know. Mir has a younger brother who seems different from she is, much like myself. Miriam and Nate love each other they’re just different. They also have two parents that support them and my parents have always supported me in what I wanted to do.

3- Eliza Schuyler Hamilton from The Alex and Eliza Trilogy

Loyal- Eliza in this trilogy is so loyal to her family and her friends. I am also loyal to those I love and would do anything for them.

Forgiving- The other clear characteristic of Eliza is that she is forgiving. No matter what someone does to her, she will forgive them because it is in her nature to do so. I feel this because I am a very forgiving person as well. I have had situations in my life where I have forgiven people and I would say that I am a forgiving person. 

4- Tash Zelenka from Tash Hearts Tolstoy

Work ethic- When Tash has a project she is doing she will through herself into it with all of herself. She will not only see it halfway through and then move onto the next thing. I relate to this as this is how my work ethic is as well. When I have a project, I will finish a portion before stopping or moving onto the next thing.

Passion- Tash is a passionate person, and she has a passion for the projects she works on. You can see this is her work ethic and how much her friends care about her. I follow this same passion both in life and in the projects I work on as a creator. 

5- Sonya Rostova from War & Peace

Loving- I know I have not finished this book yet, but I wanted to include Sonya on this list as she is #relatable. Sonya is a loving person with a kindness for everyone, even her cousin Natasha who let’s be honest, as much as I love Natasha as a character she really should think before she acts sometimes. Sonya loves her anyway and sees the goodness in Natasha. I am a kind and loving person who loves with all of my heart and tries to see the good in everyone. Yes, I know Loyal works for Sonya as well, but I wanted to try to use different words for each character.

Intellectual- Maybe I’m off with this but I would call Sonya and intellectual who prefers more of an intellectual conversation than a more casual one. I relate because this is me as well. I love a good casual conversation, but I prefer those where I can talk on more of an intellectual level.   

6- Elizabeth Bennet from Pride & Prejudice and The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet

Stubborn- It is not a secret to anyone that has read this book that Lizzie is stubborn. In fact, it is a characteristic that almost anyone who has only seen an adaptation without reading the book would associate with her. I can be stubborn in a way that I will do anything to get what I want. I see Lizzie doing this as well. Also, I know that I put two books here, but they’re the same character so I will count them as one.

Reader- Lizzie is a reader who loves books and wants to move into a house where she can have a library.   I feel that on a personal level because I too would love to move into a house with a library.

7-  Wendy Darling from Peter Pan

Big Imagination- Wendy creates the stories of Peter Pan and then tells them to her brothers. Her big imagination comes out when she is in the nursery with her brothers, and when she is telling stories to the lost boys of Neverland. I have always had a big imagination and a knack for creating stories. I’m a writer, and I feel that Wendy would also be some kind of writer if her story was being told today.

Oldest sibling- Wendy cares for her brothers which I feel is why she doesn’t want to leave the nursery and grow up.  Wendy loves her brothers, and she wants to protect them. I relate to this because as the older sibling I have a love for my sister. We might be opposite in personality and our interests, but I still love her and I want her to be happy.   

8- Imogen Lovelace from The Princess and the Fangirl

Fandom Culture- Imogen is a woman who is devoted to her fandom and her favorite character Amara. Fandom is a large part of Imogen’s life and she loves sharing her love with the world. I love my fandom’s as you might be able to tell from my posts here. From page one of the novel I related to Mo’s deep love for fandom culture.

Uptight- this might be a far fetched one but I see Imogen as a woman who is uptight. By that, I mean that she will not go with the flow as much as she should and she always needs a plan. In my life, I am this way and I always need a plan before I go into something.

9- Eliza Mirk from Eliza and Her Monsters

Online vs Real Life- I read this the year it can out I believe but Eliza could go closer towards the top of this list if I was doing this list in order. Anyway, Eliza is an artist with a web comic for her favorite fandom Monstrous Sea. Eiza doesn’t share her art with people in real life, and Wally finds out about her art as he is a writer in the fandom. I relate to not showing people in real life my stories, and most don’t see my blog posts I don’t think. Eliza feels as though she is living in two different worlds, and I relate to that aspect of her character.

Introvert- From what I remember Eliza is an introvert who prefers to spend her time reading or working on her comic than out and about with people. I feel that because I am the exact same way; I am not miss party girl and prefer a core group of people to hang out with rather than a large one.   

10-  Jane Eyre from Jane Eyre

Strong Willed- Yes, this could also be stubborn and used for Lizzie Bennet. Jane is a woman who is strong willed because of what has happened in her life. I am strong willed and opinionated. I will go into something know I may change my mind, but I will go into a situation or a topic already forming my opinion.

Gentle- Jane is also a gentle soul with an air of gentleness about her. I relate to that gentleness as well because people have always told me that I am a gentle soul.


  1. This is such a detailed list. Good job on it.

    My TTT.

  2. Cath was so close to making my own list. :)

    Lauren @ Always Me

    1. I feel like as readers and some of us being writers we all relate to her in some way.

  3. Strong-willed is an excellent characteristic! Well done!

  4. Cath is on so many lists and I think so many people relate to her. And Lizzie Bennett- another great character. And I could use a house w/ a library as well!

  5. These are all great ones. I swear Cath is on every list this week! I love Lizzie Bennett so much!

  6. I LOVE Cath! Now I need to reread that book.

  7. Ooh, great list! Sonya is a great pick, I forgot about her from War & Peace somehow. Wendy is also a great one, I love your reasoning.

    1. I am half way thorough War&Peace but I love her.

  8. I know of some of these characters (of course) but the others you've listed are so new to me, so I am enjoying learning about them!


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