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In The Queue Where It Happens

-Sings No one else was in the room where it happens, the room where it happens, the room where it happens.- Hi! This is the post where I talk about other media I’ve been enjoying. I have not done one of these in months, and I missed doing them. The title is a pun on The Room Where It Happens from Hamilton.

Tv and Movies

I keep watching Food Network for background noise while I work on things and while reading. I don’t know what it is, I don’t really cook or bake, but I love watching other people make food. I really enjoyed Barbeque Brawl this season, it was tense, but I loved it. I also enjoy Guys Grocery Games, Chopped, Money Hungry, Guys Ranch Kitchen, Beat Bobby Flay, Restaurant Impossible, and Kitchen Crash. I really enjoy the variety and how many shows the Food Network has.

I recently finished this season of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series on Disney +. I really loved this season, I just wish they had spread out the drama of the back half of the season more into the season as a whole. Once I finished that, they recommended The Mysterious Benedict Society to me, I am two episodes in and I just love it. I want to finish The Owl House and start Marvel’s What If, as well as other Marvel shows on Disney +. The Mysterious Benedict Society has filled with an interesting story and fascinating characters. 


I recently saw Jungle Cruise in theaters. If you have kids, this was the perfect family movie, but even my parents and I enjoyed it. I have Luca and Raya and the Last Dragon were saved on my Disney + list. I want to watch one or both of those soon. I’m also determined to watch all the MCU movies. I enjoy the MCU, but I’ve fallen behind and didn’t see all the movies. 

Music and musicals

I’m doing this thing where I go back to a different show a day, rather than listening to the same thing a lot. I love it because it gives me a chance to listen to musicals I forgot about or others that I’m in the mood for. I’ve been super into In The Heights this summer with the movie coming out, it has always been a musical that I’ve gone back to, but the story is so heartwarming and the characters are amazing. Now that Broadway is coming back, and The Tony Awards are next month, I’ve listened to Moulin Rouge, and it’s just so much fun. The story is sad, but the music is so much fun.

Ben Platt, known for Dear Evan Hansen, and Pitch Perfect, has a new album out. I have not heard it yet, but I saved it. I prefer to own my music, but I’m not sure if I would like the new album enough to own it, so I want to listen to it before I buy it. Speaking of Dear Evan Hansen, with the moving coming out soon, I will listen to the soundtrack if we get one. The last thing on my list to check out is Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella. I’ve heard a few songs and really enjoyed them, but I haven’t listened to the full album yet.


I want to listen to more podcasts. I really need to catch up on The Adventure Zone, Broadwaysted, Dear Friend, and Book Riot podcasts. I enjoy podcasts, but sometimes I just need to sit and listen. When I want to listen to a podcast, I’m usually reading. I will try and carve out time to catch up.


I have not played pc games in months!!!! I want to get back into Hades, Star Dew Valley, and The Sims. I play Candy Crush and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. I got back into Marvel Puzzle Quest. I just need to play it more. The last mobile games I love are Disney Emoji Blitz, Frozen Free Fall, and Homesacpes. 


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