Can't Wait Wednesday Going Off- Script

Hello! Can't Wait Wednesday is a meme where bloggers posted about a book that we can't wait for. Usually these are books that have not been released yet. Out host is Tressa at wishfulendings. Waiting On Wednesday  was hosted by Jill at breakingthespine

This week I am highlighting Going Off- Script by Jen Wilde. Information from Goodreads.

"A TV writer's room intern must join forces with her crush to keep her boss from ruining a lesbian character in this diverse contemporary YA romance from the author of Queens of Geek.

Seventeen-year-old Bex is thrilled when she gets an internship on her favorite tv show, Silver Falls. Unfortunately, the internship isn't quite what she expected... instead of sitting in a crowded writer's room volleying ideas back and forth, Production Interns are stuck picking up the coffee.

Determined to prove her worth as a writer, Bex drafts her own script and shares it with the head writer―who promptly reworks it and passes it off as his own! Bex is understandably furious, yet...maybe this is just how the industry works? But when they rewrite her proudly lesbian character as straight, that's the last straw! It's time for Bex and her crush to fight back.

Jen Wilde's newest novel is both a fun, diverse love story and a very relevant, modern take on the portrayal of LGBT characters in media.

Why- I enjoyed The Brightsiders last year and I can't wait to read this one. I love the rep in the summary and I can't wait to see what happens in the story. I feel that this is a relevant topic in the media today, and I am glad this book was written.  


  1. This sounds really interesting and definitely a relevant topic. Great pick!

  2. I agree with Suzanne, definitely a relevant topic wrapped up in an interesting premise!

  3. Sounds interesting. Thank you for sharing it, that might go on my wishlist.

  4. Great pick, thank you so much for stopping by my CWW post.


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